5 Helpful Tips for Buying off of Shein

Shein is an affordable app and website, https://us.shein.com, that allows you to buy trendy clothes for cheap. I have used Shein many, many times before and really have had few issues with this website. Many people feel that if the website is so cheap, the clothes will be poor quality, but if you know what to look for you will be perfectly fine. Here are some of my tips when ordering off Shein.


  1. ALWAYS read the reviews!

I cannot stress this enough. You may feel like a mom on Yelp, but if you don’t want to be disappointed by the website, then read the reviews! These reviews help figure out what size to get, if it is good quality, if the clothes look like the picture, and how long it took to ship. 

    2. Look at the sizes!

Sizes on Shein do vary, that’s why you always look at the size chart AND the reviews because the size chart can help but the reviews will justify that the size chart is correct for the particular item. 

    3. Go up a size if you are unsure.

After you read the reviews and they are mixed about how the sizes fitted the other customers, just go a size up of your normal size! You’d rather be able to freely breathe and move around in a loosely-fitted shirt than be constrained to your movements in a shirt way too tight. 

    4. Look at their sales!

Even though it is already a more affordable website, who doesn’t like saving money? Especially as a college student! Click on the sales they are offering on their homepage and see what you can get for even cheaper than $12 for a pair of pants! 

    5. Shipping on Shein can take a while.

Now I haven’t waited longer than a week and a half to get my package, but I have heard stories from people who ordered a package and it didn’t arrive until three weeks later! Plan accordingly if you want to ball on a budget but need it by a certain date.   


If you stick to these tips, which mostly revolve around doing research before purchasing, you shouldn’t have to return any items and should be content with your purchase. Though, the return process is fairly easy to do! Happy shopping!