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5 Back-To-School Must Haves…Because You Just Never Know

We recommend that collegiettes keep these five essential items with them on campus for a successful semester:

?Noise-canceling headphones: Whether you’re cramming for finals or trying to ignore your roommate, a pair of noise canceling headphones can help you tune out the world and tune in to knocking things off your to-do list.

?Backup battery: Invest in a backup battery pack that you can plug into your phone to charge. It can be the difference between calling a taxi to get home and walking home at the end of the night with a dead phone. Not fun, and not safe.

the worst!

?Makeup Remover Wipes: There’s nothing worse than waking up away from your dorm or apartment with raccoon eyes and last night’s outfit on. Carrying some of these handy helpers in your bag will make you look fresh, even if your dress can’t say the same.

?Backup shoes: A pair of sexy heels can make you look like a movie star, but tottering in those same heels in a late night diner are much less Angelina Jolie than “Awkward Giraffe.” Grab a pair of fold-up flats that are specifically designed to sit in your purse until needed.

?A UTI pain reliever: Anyone who has ever experienced a urinary tract infection in college knows that it can put an end to the fun. One in three of your readers have likely experienced a urinary tract infection and 60% of those women characterize the associated pain as ?extreme”?often so intense that it causes complete disruption to their daily lives. Those who are prone to UTI’s know that the rise in between-the-sheets action that can be a part of college life can lead to an infection. To be safe, be sure to have a product like AZO Urinary Pain Relief, which provides relief within the hour. Unlike general pain relievers, AZO goes directly to the source of UTI pain, allowing women to enjoy their college years.

the best!

Leah Tully is currently studying nutrition, wellness, and writing at the University of New Hampshire.
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