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3 Must Have Candles That Will Warm You Up

Move over bank account blues because I’ve got some great smelling, easy on the wallet candles for you.  Candles are so important in everyday life.  No matter how you’re feeling, there’s a candle for it. I promise.  Therefore, I’m here to share my top three favorite candle scents from a brand close to my heart, DW Home.  Not only will these three scents be screaming “buy me,” but DW has really great scents for all of your emotional needs. 

  1. Vanilla Pumpkin 

Vanilla Pumpkin is my fall scent this year.  It’s truly amazing and if you’re a vanilla, pumpkin or both enthusiast like me then this is the candle for you.  It will remind you of a crisp fall day where you should be under the fluffiest blanket you own, ignoring all of the homework you have and binge-watching new Netflix originals.


  1. Coconut Milk Honey

This candle is the home of all scents.  It warms you from the soul, I swear.  It’s the softest smell with the perfect balance of honey and coconut.  If you’re in the mood to stay in on a Friday night and do some self-care on your own or with some close friends, this is the candle for you. 


  1. Christmas Morning 

Okay, this may seem like I’m pushing for Christmas, but I promise you’re going to warm up the minute you smell this intoxicating scent.  It’s literally like walking downstairs in the morning during the holiday season.  The main scent is coffee beans which you really can’t go wrong with.  This candle will make you believe you woke up on the right side of the bed and that it’s Christmas every day, who doesn’t want that? 


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