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20 Wonders of UNH

  1. Why for 12,000 students there is only about 50 parking meters around campus, and never parking, anywhere? Oh, and only 3 small lots you can pay cash at?
  2. Why the red wagon exists and especially in such an indistinct location… do you have a purpose?
  3. Why our tuition keeps going up, yet we are the only public university to have a 3d movie theater system… where does our money really go to?
  4. Why they water the lacrosse fields.. all the time. Even while it is raining… isn’t it turf anyways?
  5. Why places like the greens and the ghettos are considered off campus, while the gables is on campus and 5x the distance..... Is this just meant to confuse freshman?
  6. Why 90% of the students with mopeds are on an athletic team… should I have tried harder in gym class? I love the pink and turquoise ones.
  7. Why professors with such HORRIBLE ratings and reputations are never ditched… does anyone even read our evaluations?
  8. Why we never have holidays off that every other campus seems to have off.. obviously I should have known, UNH means University of No Holidays right?
  9. What happens in Huddleston hall?
  10. What happens in Gregg hall (the one behind Serc)?
  11.  Does president Huddleston really live in that house next to health services?
  12. Why health services is SO wrong at diagnosing you, or is just never really helpful?
  13.  Why the T-hall bell is a recording and not a real bell?
  14. When do the lawns get mowed?
  15. Why did union court get rid of breakfast, but extend to be open til 1am?
  16. Why can we rent zip-cars and not bikes?
  17.  If you get hit by a UNH bus, do you really get free tuition?
  18. Who is Wild E. Cat and Gnarlz, and how do I be them? 
  19.  What does Kurt do as his day job?
  20.  Why does a fish get thrown on the rink during UNH hockey games?

(But really, WHO ARE YOU?!) 

If you know the answer to any of these questions, post your response!

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