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11 Best Ways to Get in the Holiday Spirit

Every year the holidays come in a blink of an eye, before we know it, it’s the end of the semester and we are up to our ears in work, trying to tackle end of the year papers, projects, and dreaded finals. This makes it hard to be jolly and think of the holiday season. But it shouldn’t hold us back from one of the greatest times of the year! Below is a list of the 11 best ways to get in the holiday spirit

1) Bake Cookies: What gets you in the holiday spirit more than the smell of cookies in the oven?! Make it night with family, friends, or significant others, bake treats from scratch and decorate them to fit the holiday mood

2) Visiting Christmas Décor: Whether it’s a neighborhood that goes all out or a shrine known for its holiday decorations, visiting these displays will put you in the yuletide spirit!

3) Decorate the Christmas Tree: Speaking of Holiday decorations, decorating the Christmas tree is another great way to do it! Put on the ornaments, tinsel, lights, and if you have a sugary sweet tooth like me candy canes! Add the Star on top and you’ll be feeling like Saint Nick in no time 

4) Give Gifts: Tis’ the season of giving! While shopping and thinking of gift ideas can be stressful, the outcome of seeing their faces when our loved ones receive our gifts is always rewarding! It’s also proven that the simple act of giving will fill you up with joy


5) Exchange Gag Gifts: If you don’t have much to spend and have lots of people you want to give gifts for, try exchanging gag gifts! Seamlessly providing an easy, funny way that releases the pressure of thinking of a gift while still producing smiles and laughs, it’s a way to be clever and personal and save money!


6) Holiday Movie Night: Make some hot coco, grab your fuzziest blanket, and something or someone to snuggle… movie nights are perfect for getting in the holiday spirit and make a great date night or family night

7) Write Holiday Cards: Instead of sending an impersonal text or a quick phone call, take the time to write a sentiment card to send to loved ones. It’ll let them know you’re thinking of them and they will appreciate it much more, as well as make you feel good inside as you spread holiday cheer!

8) Meet Santa: What better way to get into the holiday spirit than to meet than man behind it all himself. I say you’re never too old for a picture on Santa’s lap and as long as he doesn’t smell like beef and cheese and sit on a throne of lies, take your little siblings or cousins to see him too. Seeing the little kids get so excited is a surefire way to make you feel young and excited again too

9) Themed Holiday Parties: 2 words… Ugly. Sweaters. Ugly Sweater parties are the best come this time of year. Make it a competition and see who can find the ugliest or funniest and enjoy celebrating the holidays!

10) Winter Games: Whether its ice skating at your local pond or ice rink, or going skiing, snowboarding, tubing, or sledding at your neighborhood hill, playing in the snow makes the kid in you come out and has you get in the holiday spirit!

11) Sing Christmas Carols: I think Buddy the Elf says it best…

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