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10 Things Every Wildcat Should Do Before Graduating

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The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNH chapter.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but here I am writing my last article for Her Campus. I joined this organization during fall of my sophomore year; it was my first introduction to campus involvement and later led to my first leadership position. I’ve grown so much as a student, journalist and person throughout my time with Her Campus and I’m so grateful to have had this experience. As cliche as it is, college really does fly by. If I could tell my freshman self anything, it would be to not waste a single second. Do as much as you can while you’re here! Don’t waste your weekends sleeping in until noon! That being said, here’s everything you should do as a UNH student before you graduate (in no particular order):

Go to a hockey game

I just went to my first hockey game this year (which is so embarrassing) and I regret not going sooner! Hockey games are so fun and the spirits are always high. It’s a great way to spend a Friday night with your fellow Wildcats!

WIne tasting at flag hill

My friends and I have yet to do this but it is definitely on our bucket list this semester. What’s better than tasting some wine on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon? Plus, Flag Hill Winery is only 15 minutes away in Lee, New Hampshire.


Oh, how I will miss tailgates. The football games, not so much. But if UNH knows how to do one thing, it’s a tailgate for sure. There are typically only five per fall semester, so be sure to make the most of them.

hike mount major

Again, haven’t done this yet, oops! Mount Major is just 50 minutes away and the hike up is beautiful (or so I’ve heard), with views at the top overlooking the water. Bonus points if you do this in the fall and see the foliage.

get a late-night slice from dhop

This is pretty self explanatory, but a late night slice after Scorp’s/Libby’s always hits.

day trip to boston

Take advantage of Boston only being an hour away! With the Amtrak stop on campus, it’s so easy to get to and from the city. Go to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, a Red Sox game, just out to eat or all three!

apple picking/farmers market

There are so many great farms to take advantage of around campus. Depending on the season, go apple picking or visit a farmers market! This is a great way to buy locally and makes for a great photo-op too.

bring pizza to the beach

I did this with my friends freshman year and it was so fun. Get a pie and head to North Hampton beach, bring towels or sit on the wall!

shopping in portsmouth

Portsmouth is only 15 minutes away and has so many cute shops and restaurants. My favorite shops are Nahcotta, Moonshine and Gus & Ruby. It’s an easy way to escape campus on a sunny weekend day and just stroll around!

study abroad (if you can)

The last thing you should do before graduating is…leave! Kidding, kind of. But if your degree allows for it, I think everyone should go abroad. Even if it’s just for J-term or over the summer! I spent my junior year spring in Barcelona, Spain, and I miss it every day.

Kylie is a senior English/Journalism student at UNH. She loves a good cold brew, The Office and any book by Emily Henry.