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10 Struggles of Switching from Blackboard to Canvas

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNH chapter.

1. Blackboard is still used for billing, registration, financial aid etc.

It’s super inconvenient to log into three different programs to register for class, check email and then view class information


2. Your Professors have no idea what they are doing on Canvas.

Most of Professors have admitted that they have no clue how to use the program and sometimes file uploads do not work.  

3. Professors will leave comments on your assignments and you will have no clue that they posted anything, the same thing goes for when you respond to the comment.

Then you are expected to know what they are talking about when they ask you a question about it in class


4. Last semester, half the courses were on Blackboard and half the courses were on Canvas.

This made it super inconvenient check grades, updates for classes and just navigate coursework.  

5. There is no “Webcat” feature on Blackboard.

Webcat is the students guide to anything outside of their current classes, why couldn’t all UNH related logins go to the same site?


6. Calculating grades are different on Blackboard than Canvas.

The only way a grade is generated is if a number is input, if the professor enters a letter grade it does not get worked into your percentage and can be misleading.  

7. There is an inbox feature on Canvas but we will still get emails to our Wildcats email.

What is the point of having two different inboxes if your Wildcats mail doesn’t always go to Canvas, but you still get an email to your wildcats email every time you have a message on Canvas.


8. Cats Cache is on Blackboard.

This makes it super inconvenient to go online and check your Cats Cache, Dining Dollars and Swipes and these are some of the most important things UNH students want to monitor.  

9. Anyone in your class can look you up and email you on Canvas

Some would much rather stay undercover in class rather than having 100 people able to look them up and contact them


10. Blackboard was called Blackboard and Canvas is called My Courses?????

Like come on……..

This is the general account for the University of New Hampshire chapter of Her Campus! HCXO!