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10 Stages of Dealing with Your Friends Going Abroad

Naturally, there are many emotions that go along with having your best friends leaving the country and traveling the world without you. I know the semester has just begun but still I find myself riding a roller coaster of emotions already! These are the ten stages of dealing with my best friends going abroad while I’m stuck here in the states:

  1. Being excited for your friends because they’re about to go on their journey of a lifetime.
  2. Being sad from the “it’s not goodbye, it’s a see you later” bit that you get from all of them.
  3. Being insanely jealous while you’re sitting in bed watching all of their Snapchats and seeing all of their Instagrams from trendy places with trendy food.
  4. Even more insane jealous that their classes include “chocolate tasting” and “international art” while yours include “investment analysis” and “quantitative decision making”.
  5. Being excited when you get that FaceTime you’ve been waiting for!
  6. Still more jealous when they tell you about the foreign hunk they met when they were roaming around town last night.
  7. Sadness when the FaceTime is over and you don’t know when they’ll have WiFi/service again.
  8. Beginning the countdown of days until they come home even though they’ve only been gone for a few weeks.
  9. Realizing that they are going to have the time of their life overseas and so you’re happy for them again.
  10. Coming to the conclusion that you cannot physically make it through six months without seeing them, so you start saving your money to buy a plane ticket to visit them for Spring Break!

So to all my best friends who are studying abroad: through all of these emotions, I am truly excited for you even though I miss you immensly and it’s only been a matter of weeks (or even days)!


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