10 Reasons Target is the Mothership of all Stores

Everyone knows that Target AKA Tarjay, is above all else, walking through the sliding doors and taking in a deep breath of “see you later bank account” (but in a retail therapy kind of good way).  All Target-goers can relate in the position of possibly “needing” a few items but purposely choosing to go to Target over a typical Hannaford’s or drugstore because not only will you find what you need at Target, but Target will also tell you what else you need (or want), and you will 100% of the time leave the store with several more items that just made you feel good to have…



1.    The Chic House Décor

Now this one is just inevitable. Even if you still live in your parents’ house you will walk up and down these aisles planning out your future apartment or even your stunning white marble mansion (whatever kind of pimped out future home you want).  You will probably grab two or three plastic succulents to add some style to your bedroom or even tell your mom how awesome the plaid pillows would make the living room couch look for a festive fall theme. Don’t even get me started on the Joanna Gaines collection…



2.    The Rows upon Rows of the most HIP shoes ever

The shoes are endless at Target, and I guarantee when you walk through them you find at least five pairs that you want because low key they are the cheapest, trendiest shoes you will EVER come across.  Snakeskin booties? They have them. Over the knee boots? Got them. Pointed-toe booties? Absolutely. Simple heels for a wedding? You bet. Sneakers that aren’t $100 Nikes? Indeed. You don’t need name-brand shoes to be stylish; you just need Target’s shoe section to save your bank account and still be trendy AF. It’s just a win-win.



3.    Bathing-Suit Season…

Ladies, if your bathing suit collection isn’t 90% from Target, you are bikini shopping all wrong. Forget about $100 Triangl suits when you can get the most comfortable and most supportive bathing suit of all styles for $30 or probably even less!!! Target bathing suits are always super cute, and they even have the BEST Fourth of July festive suits, so if you don’t think Target bathing suits are your forte, think again because they are life changing.




4.    JoyLab Athletic Wear is Out of this World

Why spend $120 on Lululemon leggings when the same quality athletic and yoga wear is $20 at Target?? JoyLab athletic wear is like Fabletics, Lululemon, and Nike had a baby, and it’s half the price!!! They have a variety of items ranging from a trendy athletic crop top that has matching leggings to every color long sleeve, tank top, or zip up you can imagine. It's just so comfortable, and you will have everyone asking you “Where are those leggings from??”


5.    The Cutest Holiday Decorations EVER

No matter what holiday it is, Tarjay will always hit it off.  You won’t have a place to put 10-foot Christmas garland, six boxes of color-coded ornaments, five stockings for your family (including one for your pet), or a blow up Rudolph for your front yard, but you will still buy it all anyway because, well, it’s Christmas!




6.    The Endless Makeup Aisles

If you are a makeup guru not trying to dig your grave in Sephora or Ulta, drugstore makeup is totally the way to go, especially from Tarjay.  Maybelline, Revlon, L'Oreal, you name it, it’s there, and there is an endless amount of it. A field day in the Target makeup section is always a 100% guarantee.





7.    Low-key Super Trendy Clothes

For the fashionistas out there, Target might not have been your first store of choice to shop for a pair of jeans or a cute tee, but now it is.  Target has stepped up its clothing game to a whole new level that will grab your attention as soon as you walk in. From the most stylish jeans with frayed bottoms or zippers down the sides, to jean jackets with patched denim, or even corduroy skirts and bodysuits. Target’s clothing section will slowly begin to consume your wardrobe.



8.    They just always have the coolest new gadgets

Especially in the baby aisle with all of the cool high-tech strollers, cribs, and toys.  It’s always interesting to walk through these aisles to see how babies these days are living.  Also, in the technology section, all of the Fitbits, cellphones, speakers, cameras and TVs and everything else technology related that you could imagine, they are just all so fun to look through and maybe even play with.



9.    You just always get lost in the food aisles discovering new cool and healthy snacks

The food at Target is endless, from snack aisles to frozen food and everything in between.  They have a variety of different brands that you probably don’t find at your local supermarket, which makes buying them and trying them so much more fun.  This food section is basically Hannaford’s on steroids, and I guarantee you will walk out of there with six different granola bar brands, three different kinds of peanut butter and probably four boxes of some type of “healthy” cereal that you didn’t know existed but just looks good on the box cover.


10.  Because there is just everything you could possibly need to survive, and more.

All of my true target-goers, best of luck on your next shopping trip. May your bank account live happily ever after.