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10 Last Minute Halloween Costumes


If it’s too late to order costumes online, here are 10 last minute ideas:


1. Hippie


The combo of sunglasses and a flower crown will even make you feel like you are at Coachella.


2. Cat



Basic, but you can’t tell me it’s not cute!


3. Athlete


Find any jersey, throw on some eye black and call yourself an athlete.


4. A rocker


Use any band tee, wear all black and throw your hair up in a high pony.


5. Lifeguard



Red bathing suit? White shorts? Add a whistle and some zinc, and you’re all set. 


6. Cereal Killer


This DIY is simple, all you need is a white shirt, cereal boxes and some red paint.



7. The Purge

The title says it all.


8. Vampire


You definitely already own black pants and a black top, so just get some fake blood and you are officially a vampire.

9.  Risky Business


It’s easy and a classic!


10. Army Girl


Any green clothing and eye black will do the trick.

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