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10 Easy Costume Ideas for your Squad

Being in college, you have enough to worry about besides having to think up one, two, or potentially three Halloween costumes. Not to mention, you just don’t have the money to drop $60 on a cheap firefighter costume kit you’ll probably never wear again. Here are 10 costumes to consider for this Halloween szn that are fun & flirty that won’t break your bank account! 

1. Shark Week

 Grab a $5 t-shirt from Walmart and you are already half way there! This costume is very easy and also very creative… Although it is starting to gain popularity, it’s not your typical ‘basic’ Halloween costume. After you have your shirt, find six other friends and determine who is what day. Spray paint your day of the week on the front of the shirt and use scissors and red paint to enhance the ragged look. The hat is a special touch and can be handmade or bought on Amazon!


2. Where’s Waldo?

This is a fun and unique idea that can either be done individually or in a group. All you need is a red and white striped shirt (and a hat if you find one), a pair of wide-rimmed glasses and jeans! The camera adds a nice touch, but isn’t necessary.

3. 3 Blind Mice

Okayyyy so it’s not the most original costume idea but it’s definitely still super low-key to do! The majority of the costume you could probably find in your closet already. Find a black dress, black sunglasses, winter gloves and two other friends to dress up with. Now all you need is mouse ears and a cane.

4. Fruit

I must admit, I also thought it sounded a little weird at first but the second I saw it I fell in love with the idea. Another costume that can be done either individually or with friends! Plus, the best part is it means you can wear a big t-shirt and Converse out for the night and who doesn’t love that?

5. Tacky Tourists   

Neccesities: A baggy Hawaiian shirt, khaki shorts, and any time of vacation hat. Extras = Sunglasses, disposable camera, and a fanny pack. This costume has been done for years now, but it remains one of the easiest and most cost effective of them all. Raid your dad’s closet for a Hawaiian shirt & I bet you already have everything else you need.

6. Mean Girls

Who says basic is bad? This typical Halloween costume will always be a hit. Grab a group of friends and mimic an outfit of one of the girls in the movie. Have an extra friend who wants to participate? Give her a velour jumpsuit & call her Mrs. George.

 7. M & M’s

 Hands down the easiest costume idea of all time. Buy a colored shirt (or turn an old one inside out) and either stitch, draw or attach an “M” onto the front. Pair the t-shirt with leggings (or shorts if it’s oversized) and you are all set. To spice things up a little, add a colored ribbon to your hair!

 8. Jungle Fever

Sometimes the costume is more about what you do for your makeup and hair then the outfit you wear. Being a jungle girl is a fun and different idea, plus it gives you a good excuse to tease your hair! Get white and black paint to draw your streaks and you are all set.

9. Aliens

With the galaxy theme becoming more and more popular, aliens will be a huge hit this Halloween season. Find a pair of galaxy leggings, or simply wear metallic colors. Personally I think the best part of this idea is the accessorizing. Paint your body with glitter and add a cute hairstyle (like the one above) to complete your inner alien .

10. Gossip Girl

 Join the elite of the Upper East Side in this super easy fan favorite. All you need is a white button up, a plaid skirt and maybe a headband if you love Blair. Everyone at school will be very jealous of this one… XOXO GG. 


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