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10 Absolute Musts When Visiting Boston



Boston is a city that was built on tradition and hard work. When visiting the city you become immersed in Bostonian culture and heritage that you never knew existed. However, if you are not from the great state of Massachusetts you may be confused on where to go or what to see; here is a list of my top ten favorite things to do in the city.


  1. Go See a Sox Game

The city of Boston lives through their sports teams, some saying they are the greatest in the world. Fenway, proud home of the Red Sox, is the place to be on a summer afternoon. Whether you sit in the outfield bleachers, right behind home plate, or on the famous Green Monster, there is never a dull moment in the park, especially if it’s a Sox Yankees game.


2. Visit Mike’s Pastry

Nuzzled in the North End, Mike’s Pastry has been home of the cannoli since 1964. You can count on a line out the door down Hanover Street, but you won’t regret the wait. If you’re not a big cannoli fan don’t worry: Mike’s has any type of dessert you could imagine. The entire city is covered in people carrying around the infamous Mike’s white box.


3. Visit the Boston Aquarium

The New England Aquarium sits on the coast of the Boston Harbor, and is home to hundreds of cute and scaly friends. Along with the main building, the aquarium offers whale watching trips into the harbor. This site is always fun, especially for younger visitors.

4. Take a Swan Boat Ride

Unique to Boston, visitors can ride in paddle boats dating back to the 1800’s. The slow pace allows riders to take in the beauty of the City in the distance along with the surrounding botanical garden.


5. Take a Sam Adams Brewery Tour

Sam Adams is one of the leading faces in beer production, and it all started in this city. The brewery offers tours around the facility along with beer tastings. You have to be 21 to attend, but they are wicked interesting and definitely worth the trip.


6. Go To Faneuil Hall

Covered in street performers, shops, and restaurants, Faneuil Hall Marketplace is a hub of activity in the heart of Boston. You will always find something going on in the area. Even if you are just going for a walk through, the experience is one you will want.

7. Visit the Museum of Fine Arts

We all know New England weather is unpredictable, so it does rain every once in awhile. On a day where you can’t walk the cobblestone streets, visit the Museum of Fine Arts. Boston is home of the fifth largest museum in the states, full of beautiful paintings, sculptures, and pottery.


8. The Freedom Trail

Whether it is on a duck boat tour, a walking tour, or on your own the Freedom Trail allows you to see and learn about this country’s history. Sights such as Boston Common and King’s Chapel are included in stops along the way. The Freedom Trail immerses you in the true history of the city along with America.


9. Eat on Tremont Street

Nicknamed “restaurant row” Tremont Street in the South End is covered in hundreds of restaurants, cafes, and bars. A diverse range of food is served from spot to spot, making it a perfect place for anyone.

10. Get Some Dunks

If you thought I wouldn’t mention the one thing Massachusetts likes more than sports you were wrong. You cannot walk around the streets of Boston without a Dunkin’s iced coffee in your hands. It just makes the experience even better.

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