1 Second Everyday...

Do you ever feel like times passes by too fast? You become consumed in jobs, education, social gatherings, etc. that you feel like months have gone by and you sit wondering where the time went? This year I made a resolution to be more present. As a Senior graduating in May, it is bittersweet walking around campus knowing I will only be able to do it so many more times. A year from now, my entire life will be different. From the little campus town to the ladies I’ve been grateful to call my roommates the last couple of years. I will be in a new city, a new apartment, and surrounded by new people.

By nature, I am a planner. I love to be a forward thinker and map out what my next move is. Often, I catch myself day dreaming of the future. As great of a quality this is, I feel like I get so caught up in what could be, that I’ve realized I used to plan the days I’m living right now. And, now that that time is here, I am doing nothing but continuing to plan. Therefore, I wanted to find a way to capture each day of my last semester on campus. I wanted to live in the moment more and this application helps me do just that.

1 Second Everyday is an application where you can capture a few moments of each day. It allows you to compile all of your clips into one cohesive video, so you always have these memories to look back on. The basic features are free, and the subscription can be updated for a monthly or annual fee. I personally have my app set up to send me daily reminders to capture my moment of the day. These notifications include an inspirational quote to brighten your day, prompting you to live in the moment. When that notification pops up on my phone, it reminds me to take a step back, look around the room, and simply be present- followed by capturing a short clip of course. Two weeks into my video diaries, I have already caught myself completely distracted by thoughts, work, academics, and meetings. But, the second that quote pops up in my notifications, I am reminded to enjoy the moment and remain grateful for this place, the people, and the present while it still remains. Whether it’s a sunset on my way to work, studying in the library, or me and my girls taking one too many shots at the bar, I will cherish these little clips forever.

A New Year’s resolution or not, I recommend for anyone to download 1 Second Everyday. After all, does anyone every really regret capturing memories? Nevertheless, it has made me more appreciative of the things that I see and do every day because those things are pretty cool.