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Tuesday’s Trends: T-Shirt Dresses

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNF chapter.

It’s one of the greatest combinations since leggings and combat boots. (Which, to be fair, only happened about a year ago.)

All the comfort and ease of a t-shirt, and the style and presentation of a dress, these little numbers really bring in an edge to our casual days.

T-shirt dresses are amazingly laid back and effortless, so even if you just rolled out of bed, you can look like you put in a little work that morning. And bonus points for being a piece of clothing that is flattering on all body types. No matter what size you are, you can slip into one of these bad boys and look flawless

Now, the only things to figure out are:

  1. where to find them, and
  2. how to wear them.

Well, one of our favorites is a LBD that has come from the ever-popular Forever21

It’s super simple and all black, which makes it ideal to style however you’d like. Going for a clean, monotone look is easy with black low top canvas shoes or Converses. Or, for a bit of an edge, go for the holy grail: black combat boots.

For something a little different, but not too crazy, we’ve found these amazing velvet-material dresses from Shop Gracie

Throw on some knee length socks and boots, and you’ve got a sweet and soft outfit that will work for the entire day.


Patterns are always welcomed, especially on easy pieces that don’t take too much effort to match with. Stripes are simpler than floral pieces in this case, just for the sake of keeping up with the laid back feeling t-shirt dresses give. Like this one from Sheinside.com

Again, throw on some Chucks or boots (#sorrynotsorry, but we’re a bit obsessed with them), or maybe evem some modest gladiator sandals when it starts to warm up a bit, and you can be ready to go out of the door, making it to class right on time.


Such simple pieces, so little actual effort to go into them, but you will always come out looking great. Try to stick with dresses that flow to exude a nicer silhouette than what a boxy t-shirt dress would give. Also, opt for colors that are softer and on the cooler side. It enhances the idea that the day and the outfit are both going to have a laid back, easy going feel to them.


Have fun, collegiettes! 


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