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Meet Roderica Johnson


HC: What is your major and Classification? I am a senior scheduled to graduate this coming Spring, yes thank God. My major is communications- public relations track and I am minoring in community leadership.

HC: What do you do on campus? I’ve done a bunch of things since being at UNF. My freshman and sophomore year I was on the UNF dance team, which was a lot of fun, I actually kind of miss it. My junior year I began to get involved with other things, such as the NAACP chapter on campus, the UNF Women’s Center and Resolutions Campus Ministry. You should check those out if you ever have a chance. Oh and I’m a PINK Rep, you should check that out to.

HC: What are your career goals? Currently, I am fasting to try and figure that out. But, the last time I began making a master plan for my life I was pretty set on getting a master of health administration and then becoming a health admin officer in the US Navy. I like to help people, and I think if I follow that plan it would put me in the position to help a bunch of people around the world . It would be easier for me to decide if I weren’t interested in so many things, but ultimately, I want to help others.

HC:What is the most important lesson you’ve learned since being in college? BALANCE! It is too easy to get overwhelmed in college, especially when you want to have some form of a social life. From trying to maintain my spirituality, grades, friendships, campus involvement and work part time, I started to feel like I never had any time. I live by using a planner and weighing out the activities I’m involved in now. While it doesn’t give me extra hours in the day, it does help me better plan things so that I’m not as crunched for time.

HC: What do you like to do in your free time? Sleep and eat. I can eat all day and that would be classified as a good day in my book. No seriously, I usually use my free time to relax and recharge. I somewhat of an introvert, so “me time” is an absolute necessity if I want to be productive or put forth my best foot.

HC: What is one thing most people don’t know about you? I still do not have my driving license. I probably will have my degree before I have my driving license.

HC: What made you want to start a UNF chapter of Her Campus? I was immediately drawn to the opportunity when Maya presented it to me since I haven’t had much of an opportunity to write since being in college. I was on the journalism team in highschool and kind of missed being able to write about MY opinion, or about a topic I was interested in. I do get to write a lot in my major, however PR writing is way different from journalism.

HC: What do you want to come out of Her Campus UNF? Honestly, I want it to be a source for girls to come get advice about anything they can think of; their spiritual life, classes, relationships, or something to wear! I remember how difficult it was navigating through college when I was a freshman, and I just want to make that journey easier for anyone after me.

My name is Maya Dartiguenave, and I am a senior at the University of North Florida. I'm a communications major, with a focus in public relations. Reading, writing, anything to do with words is what holds my true interest, which is why I'm so happy to be a part of Her Campus! I'm so excited to have started UNF's chapter of Her Campus!While I claim to be a Florida girl for now, my heart belongs to Philadelphia, always. (Go, Eagles!) I hope to move away from Florida after graduation, work my way through grad school, and begin my career in publishing. The future is definitely going to be an adventure, and I can't wait for it! 
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