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Campus Cutie: Dallas Moore

This week’s cutie has been making major moves on the basketball court. He, along with the men’s basketball team, will be dancing in this year’s March Madness, and we could not be more proud. 


Name: Dallas MooreAge: 20Major: Criminal JusticeYear: Sophomore Hometown: St. Petersburg Relationship Status: Single


HC: Have you ever cried at a movie?DM: Yes, I have.

HC: What’s your favorite car? DM: The G-Wagon Benz 

HC: Where was the best place you ever went with your parents, and what did you do there? DM: First time I went to Disney World and I did everything. Ride rides, eat and etc.. 

HC: Who’s your favorite character, and what do you like about them? DM: SpongeBob. He is just funny 

HC: If a girl asked you to cook her dinner, what would you make her? DM: Anything she wanted me to make for her.

HC: What song always makes you happy when you hear it? DM: “All Your Fault”  by Big Sean and Kanye West!

HC: How can you describe yourself in a sentence? DM: I’m hilarious and very outgoing- and basketball is my life.

HC: How do you relieve stress? DM: Go to the basketball gym and shoot.

HC: Would you ever consider living abroad? And where? DM: Yes, in Australia

HC: What is your guilty pleasure? DM: Karlos Odum.

HC: What’s your favorite book?DM: Actually I read magazines. I don’t read books unless it’s for school, but I like Sports Illustrated.

HC: Have you ever been stood up?DM: Yes, I have. 

HC: Do you sing in the shower?DM: Yes, I do! And I make my own songs up to make my roommates laugh.

Hello all! My name is Emina, I am a junior at the University of North Florida, double majoring psychology and criminal justice, with aspirations of being a lawyer. Currently I am conducting interviews and writing the Campus Cutie, section of the UNF chapter for hercampus.com.  If anyone has any suggestions about who should be our next campus cutie fell free to email me, at this email address: sehovicemina@yahoo.com!  
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