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5 LUSH Products That You’ll Fall For

Alright, collegiettes— let’s be honest. When have you ever walked past the LUSH Cosmetics store and not wanted to have the whole store in one spray bottle? LUSH Cosmetics is basically the best thing since personal pan pizzas. Too far? Anyway, not only is LUSH is an organic cosmetic line that believes in fighting against animal testing, but LUSH products are actually ones that work. What can be better than that? 

Personally, my dorm room is constantly stocked with LUSH products. It’s not only because they smell so darn good (which is a huge plus), but because it benefits all skin types without the use of harsh chemicals. 

Here are my current favorite products from LUSH that you should probably give a try.


Bath Bombs: Luxuy Lush Pud + Sakura- $6.95 each

Nothing in life right now is greater than having a relaxing bath after a long day of Netflix and chill. My two favorite bath bombs from Lush are the Luxury Lush Pud and Sakura. The Luxury Lush Pud is just a lavender bomb. It helps relax you and after your soak, your skin smells great. The Sakura bomb is actually filled with florals and when you put it in your bath water the florals come alive. I mix both of these bombs just because my bath water looks like a fairytale. With it’s purple gradients and  bathtub filled with flowers, what else can a girl ask for?


Moisturizers: Gorgeous – $87.95

My all time favorite product from LUSH is the Gorgeous moisturizer. It is one of the most expensive cosmetic products that I have ever bought for myself but it is honestly so worth the price. This moisturizer is so lightweight that you only need a pinky amount, which means you can stretch out how long a jar lasts you. Not only can you use this moisturizer on your face but it can be used on your body where you are acne prone. It doesn’t clog pores nor make you have oily skin. I bought a container of the Gorgeous moisturizer and it lasted me two years! Not a penny was wasted.


Scrubs: Ocean Sea Salt – $21.95

The Ocean Sea Salt scrub is aca-amazing. This scrub, from the moment you open the container to when you wash your face, smells like the ocean. I’m from the Caribbean so it’s pretty much like having home in a bottle. The scrub is good for getting rid of dead skin on your face or body and brightening up your skin tone with the lemon juice that is added. You can never go wrong with having this scrub in your bathroom. Plus, it never goes bad! 


Masks: Brazened Honey – $7.95

I can honestly say that I have tried every mask that LUSH has to offer. Why, you might ask? I love pampering myself and what a better way to do it with my favorite cosmetic line and with a low cost. The great thing about LUSH is that when you collect 5 of any of their containers and bring them back, they give you a free mask of your choice. So you know that I stocked up! The LUSH masks are very organic and fresh. They have to be placed in the fridge after each use and only last about 2-3 weeks before they spoil. The current mask that I am using is the Brazened Honey. This mask is like a two in one, mask and scrub. It helps get rid of dead skin but it smoothes and softens my face with the honey that is included. 

LUSH is the place to go, ladies! Guys, I didn’t forget about you. There is a whole line of products at LUSH that are meant just for you. Come on collegiettes, let’s go check it out together!



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