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3 Ways to Master On-Campus Parking

If you’ve been on UNF’s campus lately (we hope you have- classes have already started!), you may have noticed a new parking garage has been built closer to the Villages, which are the apartment-styled dorms on campus. Sounds great, right? Well, unfortunately, that one is partially for housing students only.

You’ve also probably noticed that the parking garage closest to the Student Union, Fitness Center and UNF Arena has changed a little, as well. New paint, new signs, and new “reserved” spaces that aren’t meant for students! Now, we have more parking for faculty and staff and less for students in that garage.

We feel your pain. Parking on campus can be such a headache, especially after these changes, but, fear not! We have a few secrets to help you get a parking spot, and to class on time.


One thing you can do to assure yourself parking in the garages is get to campus really early.

While this is not one of the most popular options because most students don’t usually like waking up earlier than they have to, coming to campus before 10 o’clock gives you a greater chance at finding a place to park. If you show up after 10, it’s harder to find parking in the garages, and you may have to drive around the lots, like Lot 18, a few times before finding one. However, while it may be a pain in the butt, coming to campus early can also be beneficial in that you can head to the library until class starts and finish up any assignments that you haven’t yet! Getting all of your work done during the weekdays gives you a free weekend of relaxation.  

Another thing you can do is to make sure you that you show up on campus at the right times.

Basically, that means when you’re sure that classes are getting out and people are leaving. The first thing you have to do is learn the school schedule, which is fairly simple. Figure out the times that classes usually start and the times they usually end. (Note that a majority of UNF classes are 75-90 minutes long.) For example, if you have a class that starts at 3:05, know that there are classes that had started at 1:40. When they end 75 minutes later, it’ll be 2:55. We’re not saying to get here at 2:55 on the dot every day, but know that around that time, between 2:55 and 3:05, spaces will definitely free up. Get to campus a little earlier than when classes end to make sure you snag one! Once you figure out the times classes let out, it’ll be easier to make out where to park.

If you just aren’t an early riser, or don’t want to cut it too close to being late, there is one last tip, so prepare yourself. Get to campus one hour before your class starts or before you have to get into work

It will take you a while to find a spot. Your best bet would be to stake out the larger parking lots, and not the garages. If you see someone walking towards their car, don’t just follow them. Ask them if they are leaving first, that way if they say no, you don’t waste time. But, if they are, then their spot is up for grabs!


Always remember to play by the rules, collegiettes. Even though campus parking can be competitive and hectic and sometimes frustrating, you should still remember to obey the law and be courteous to other drivers. Park well enough that someone can fit in the spot beside you, and don’t steal spots if another student had their clicker on, waiting. And as always, drive safely!

There’s no sure fire way to getting a great parking spot every day of the semester, so if you guys have any more great tips, make sure you leave them in the comments! We would love to read them and have more parking secrets added to our list.

Good luck, collegiettes! 


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