Your Guide to Investing!

Many college-age women struggle with money and investing in general, however, you don't have to have a lot of money to start investing. Investing in stock can be risky and scary, but here are some of the information and tips that can help you take control of your finances. 


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What is Stock?

Stock is ownership of part of a company. When you buy stock, you buy small portions of a company. 


Why Invest in Stock?

Many people invest in stock to diversify their investment portfolios. By investing in multiple stocks, your risks are lower. The more spread out your investments are, the less risky investing is. Another reason people invest in stock is that it is a liquid asset. A liquid asset means the asset can easily be converted to cash. Being able to convert your investments to cash quickly is beneficial if an emergency should occur.  


How do I Invest in Stock?

According to Personal Finance Turning Money Into Wealth, 80% of all trading occurs online. With current technology, investing is easier than ever with the various apps available now. Being knowledgeable about investing is extremely important. When starting to invest, a stockbroker may be the best way to go. Stockbrokers are licensed to buy and sell stocks for their clients. 


What Stock Should I Invest in?

When people start investing, they tend to stick to the corporations they know. My personal advice would be to explore new companies. After finding some stocks that interest you, do research to see if there is any bad news surrounding the company. Then decide to invest in stocks that you like and have chosen after careful research. 


In conclusion, investing in stock can be fun. Stocks are small fractions of ownership of a company. Investing in stock can be beneficial by allowing investors to diversify their investments. There are resources available to help people invest in stocks. Do your research to decide what to invest in. Investing in stocks is risky, but has the potential to be very rewarding.