You Got This!

At this point in the semester, it’s easy to feel disappointed and overwhelmed by finals. But before you drop out, just remind yourself of these five things:


You’re more than just a grade.

Grades don’t define you! This is such a cliché reminder but it’s something we all need to hear every once and a while. There are so many other things that make you, well you! You’re someone’s sibling, friend, mentor, and it’s not your grades that make you that!


Most “real world” jobs don’t ask for your GPA.

Even if you get a C in Bio, that job next year won’t care. Get that diploma and move on. This is not the end of the world. I promise.


You can always come back from any setback.

Let me tell you as someone who has miserably failed a class, you can retake it! And it’s not that bad! Honestly, it’s kind of great. I mean don’t fail your class just so you can retake it again but also don’t stress out about it.


You’re probably fine.

Give yourself some credit. You’re studying, you’re trying, and honestly, you’re probably fine. Just keep working hard and it’ll pay off. I promise.


If we can make it through Florence, we can make it through finals.

We literally crammed an entire semester into about 8 weeks. That’s impressive. We deserve medals. Finals got nothing on Florence.


So, take a deep breath, remember these five things and give it your all. Because after this we have a well-deserved month off to prepare for a (hopefully) much less stressful semester. Before we know it, it’ll be warm enough to go to Wrightsville again. We got this Seahawks!

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