Women's History Month Watch-List Part 2!

Happy Women’s History Month!

Here is the second part of my list of movie and TV show recommendations to help you celebrate Women's History Month! Each of these movies and TV shows features incredible, inspiring women who consistently celebrate the female experience.


    Legally Blonde

    Where to watch it: Amazon Prime Video

    Why watch it: Why not? Reese Witherspoon is fantastic as Elle, a valley girl who decides to go to law school. Come for the iconic quotes (“what, like it’s hard?”) and stay for the incredible feminist superstar that is Elle Woods.

  2. 2. “THE BOLD TYPE”

    Where to watch it: Hulu, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Video

    Why watch it: “The Bold Type” follows Jane, Kat and Sutton, three women who work for Scarlet Magazine, as they balance their social, romantic and professional lives. “The Bold Type” consistently showcases dynamic and relatable examples of female friendship and continues to be one of my favorite shows of all time!


    A gif of Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation

    Where to watch it: YouTube TV, Peacock, Amazon Prime Video

    Why watch it: Two words: Leslie. Knope. Amy Poehler plays a Parks and Recreation Department employee whose drive for success and appreciation of the women around her is unmatched. Leslie Knope 2024.


    Where to watch it: Amazon Prime Video

    Why watch it: Comedy. Fashion. Friendship. This show has it all! Rachel Brosnahan plays Midge Maisel, a woman who breaks into the stand-up comedy scene in the 1950s. Not only is she hilarious, she makes a name for herself while breaking down patriarchal barriers and still manages to have a fantastic wardrobe.

Happy Women’s History Month-- and happy watching!! :)