Wish You Were Beer: Lighthouse Beer And Wine Festival

When I decided to volunteer to write this article about the Lighthouse Beer and Wine Festival I really wasn’t thinking about the consequences of my decisions. Last year, I had missed Beer Fest by a few months, (underage problems) so, this year I was so excited to see what Beer Fest was all about. Although the tasting of different beers and wine definitely clouded my judgment, I am thankfully still writing this article to let you know what Beer Fest is all about.

Lighthouse Beer and Wine, a store that specializes in craft beer and wine, is known for their outside location which is a popular spot to drink a cold beer with friends. The store is located on Wrightsville Beach and hosts the event each year. It has been a hot commodity for the past fourteen years for people in and around Wilmington. Many alumni of UNCW take this opportunity to come back and check out their old stomping grounds. It’s an opportunity for friends and family to hang out while also enjoying some beer and wine. Breweries from all across America travel distances to showcase their products, and I met people from California, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and more.



Another interesting fact about the festival is that all proceeds benefit the Carousel Center. This is a non-profit organization that assists victims of child abuse. This organization offers services in 15 counties throughout North Carolina.

This year Beer Fest was located in Downtown Wilmington on Harnett Street. With over 100 craft breweries and wineries present, the 14th annual Beer Fest was a successful event.

Throughout the afternoon, there were bands playing and tons of dancing and food trucks from restaurants around Wilmington were present to make sure everybody was not only drinking but also eating! The main headliner for the festival this year was a band from Greensboro called the Holy Tent Ghost Revival!



I tried multiple wines and beers and they ranged from stouts to ales to IPAs to red, white, dry, and sweet wine. The options were unlimited and each different from the previous one. I think the most interesting beer I had all day was chai tea milk stout. Although my favorite drink is a chai tea latte, I was a little skeptical of trying a beer that mimicked that flavor but where else was I really going to try something like that? It ended up being my favorite drink of the day, and I’m very glad I decided to brave the weirdness of such a pairing and try it out!

Overall, the Lighthouse Beer and Wine Festival was a great event and something you should attend at least once in your life, even if you aren’t from Wilmington. Their huge selection of beer and wine accompanied by awesome food trucks and great music made a special day for friends to hang out and enjoy some great alcoholic beverages! I would definitely say that Beer Fest is one of Wilmington’s top events and that as soon as you are of legal age you should definitely attend!

To find out more information about the festival, check out their website