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Whether you are new to Wilmington or a familiar face just looking for a new place to snap a photo at, read through our list of Insta worthy spots! Most listed here are free or inexpensive, and a few have tasty local eats right around the corner. Grab your girls (or guys) and start snapping cute pics around the area.

South End of Wrightsville Beach, NC

Sunsets, sunsets, sunsets. Golden hour at the South End is like a whole different universe, everything is bathed in this golden light and it’s this tranquil quiet that makes feel at peace. 

Greenfield Lake Park

With a mix of luxe greenery and a picturesque wooden bridge around almost every corner, this not heavily populated park has the perfect setting for a photoshoot. 

Burgwin Wright Home and Gardens

This house and garden feel serene, like a step out of Wilmington into a garden and green wonderland. The house is one of the historic homes in Wilmington, and it feels like a different time period. 

Airlie Gardens

This has so much scenery and little niches to take pictures in. It does cost a few dollars to get in, but it is definitely worth it. You may even get a quick glance at a wedding being hosted in the gardens or the butterfly house.

Riverfront Downtown

After grabbing Kiliwins ice cream – or at least looking at the ridiculously long line – make your way down to the boardwalk at the water’s edge. Depending on the time of day you can get a great photo with either the battleship in the background of the beautiful bridge over the river. 

Carolina Beach Boardwalk

Looking for a nostalgic and vintage boardwalk photo setting? Carolina Beach Boardwalk is the place. All of the shops are colorful and have cute signs that make you feel like you’ve been transported back to another decade. 

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