Why My Nine-Year-Old Self is Living for This Jesse McCartney Concert

1. He’s still just as cute as he was ten years ago Let’s face it, some people just age quite nicely. Jesse, now 30, is still wooing people everywhere even though his hit “Beautiful Soul” debuted 13 years ago.

2. His songs are still insanely catchy. Tell me when “Beautiful Soul” or “Just So You Know” has played somewhere and you haven’t known every single word…. because that time does not exist. 

3. His lyrics are literally the sweetest things ever

  • “They got a lotta girls who know they got it going on, but nothing's ever a comparison to you” from “She’s no you.”  I mean, who doesn't want to hear this?
  • “You're my missing puzzle piece, yeah you are, perfect for me” from “Feelin’ You.” Ten years later, and Jesse is still making us all swoon.
  • “Cause lookin’ at you, it still feels like the day I met you, lookin’ at you, I’m still weak in the knees” from “Young Love.” If he was to ever say this to me, I’m pretty sure I would faint right then and there.

4. JMac’s favorite show is Friends! This may or may not actually be a deal breaker. I think we all just felt a deep connection right there. 5. He was once in a boy-band called “Dream Street.” There is absolutely nothing that people loved more in the early 2000s than a pop boy band. There was *NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, and 98 Degrees, so Jesse fit right in when it came to the cute and clever persona of any boy-band.

So to say the least, I just can't control my inner pre-teen when it comes to his upcoming concert on campus!


[Gifs courtesy of giphy.com