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Why Dean from ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ is a Man-Child

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNCW chapter.

If you’ve been watching any of the ‘Bachelor’ franchises this year then you know that it has been a beautiful hot mess and of course “the most dramatic season yet.” After having one of the worst bachelors in ‘Bachelor’ history (Nick Viall) they redeemed themselves with ‘Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay. She was smart, down to earth, genuine, and not dramatic or flighty with her decision making. Out of her season, we got the most dramatic break up with Peter Kraus (we are still not okay) and ended up watching her get engaged to Bryan Abasolo who was, in turn, hot and great in his own way as well. Despite the winner and runner up, of all the great guys that were on her season, everyone and I mean EVERYONE loved sweet, adorable, complicated and young Dean Unglert. Maybe it was his perfect smile, his blue eyes, or his heartbreaking story, but viewers were sold on Dean and were devastated to watch him go. 

He won all of our hearts over after he opened up about his family issues and how he has a difficult time opening up to other people. Then we saw his weird (like…really weird) family dynamic during hometown week and Rachel said she was falling for him (swooning, crying) AND THEN SHE SENT HIM HOME. Our hearts broke for him and hoped he would be the next Bachelor…but we settled for Bachelor in Paradise instead. We all felt hopeful and all wished we were the ones to potentially find love with Dean, but we were happy to watch all of our ‘Bachelor’ favorites swoon over him too. Everything was sweet and great as we watched him get into a cute romance with Kristina Schulman. They even stayed together and went on a road-trip while production was canceled during the whole Demario/Corinne controversy. They were perfect on paper and with each other as they had deep and meaningful conversations, and were totally head over heels for each other….or so we thought.

A few weeks into production producers decided to throw in Danielle Lombard. Danielle is like Regina George…she’s a regulation hottie and she knows it. She immediately went for Dean even though all of the girls told her he was kind of off limits because you know Kristina? She asks him anyway and Dean says yes like any guy would. They have a great time and come back to Kristina being (rightfully) hurt and upset with Dean.

We all expected Dean to be as precious as he’s always been and drop Danielle, but NO. He does the unspeakable, the unthinkable– he parades her around right in front of Kristina while continuing to lead both of them on. In one scene he can be heard talking about them to the other guys saying, “Kristina is so smart and perfect, but Danielle is just so f—-ing hot!” I cringed. For lack of appropriate words, he was instantly a man-child…a f—boy. Girls’ hearts shattered nationwide. How could our sweet, beautiful Dean be like every other guy we’ve ever met? We watched as Kristina struggled to continue to try with Dean mostly because ya know he continued to tell her how great she was and how much he cared about her. And then he would go and tell Danielle the same thing. Sound familiar? Maybe you’re in college and you’ve experienced a similar situation. College is one thing, most guys our age don’t want or know how to handle a serious relationship… we get it. But when you’re late 20’s early 30’s, isn’t it time to stop acting like a jerk? Do boys not grow out of that? Anyone who watches the show knows it isn’t real I get it I’m not an idiot, but I didn’t tune in to see Dean treat women like that– I can go out on a Friday night and watch that happen live. Plus why go on the show if he was just looking for fun? Does he know how many girls would’ve done that at home? He had a large fan base he could’ve gotten whoever he wanted, so why play with someone as serious as Kristina? As for Danielle, if you’re known as the hot girl, you’re going to act like the hot girl. She’s just kind of there letting Dean treat her like every guy treats her. Really this is on Dean. Stop treating women like a game. If you don’t like someone that you know is in love with you, don’t lead them on. So thank you, Dean, for disappointing women and showing your true colors and complete lack of maturity. We hope that our true babe and queen Kristina will find a real man and not a f—boy, man-child. She deserves better. We all do.

Image courtesy to Tumblr.com