Why Buy When You Can DIY!

Now that it’s a new year, many of us to have goals to become better versions of ourselves. Anyone who is looking for a simple and cheap way to reinvent themself could target their wardrobe. DIY’s (or do-it-yourselves) are a great opportunity to update your closet and also save money.

Currently, my favorite DIY is bleach dying. It’s very easy and all of the materials you need are probably already in your house. Those materials include bleach, water, 2 buckets (or something to hold the bleach and the item you want to bleach), and gloves. Pick out want you want to dye. Maybe a T-shirt or something made of jean material. But make sure it’s not white or there will be no point in dying it! Then, you should decide what style of bleaching you want. You could do a tie-dye design, using bleach instead of colored dye. You could also do an ombre, which is a popular design right now. Another option is simply flicking the bleach all over the material with your finger to give a splatter-effect. There are plenty of YouTube videos that do a step-by-step tutorial of whatever you want to do. They may even spark your imagination to come up with your own design!

Another uncomplicated DIY focuses on the stud trend. The only thing you really need are a bunch studs, which can be bought off of ebay for less than $5. You could also look for them in craft stores. The studs that are best to use are the ones with the sharp prongs on the back that secure the stud to your material. This project is pretty self-explanatory; you just think of an article of clothing you have, then imagine how much cooler it would look with studs! Again, there are many YouTube tutorials on the more detailed aspects of studding.                              

This final DIY is for the more artistically advanced and all you need is a sharpie! Although it may seem a bit childish, all you do is draw on your clothing. Tribal, for example, is a popular print that we see on many items of clothing today, and this DIY involves you just drawing it onto your own clothing!


**All images taken from weheartit.com