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The Lalaaviator Glasses On A Fence
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What to Do During a “Hurrication”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNCW chapter.

After the events of last year’s Hurricane Florence, UNCW will do anything to prevent a critical situation and that may include some classes getting canceled. As students of UNCW, we need to know what to do when we have to evacuate. Here are a few ideas:


1. Catch up on school work

women typing on a laptop
Considering we were in class for a week and a half before Hurricane Dorian decided to come for the coast, there may not be that much to do. However, there is literally ALWAYS something to do. Nothing feels better than using the time off to be a productive human being!


2. Visit friends

Three women talking and laughing on the wooden bench next to the tulip flower field
Priscilla Du Preez
Going home during an evacuation may be the best option but when it isn’t an option, visiting friends is always better than staying to ride out the storm. Even if going home IS an option… sometimes you just need a break. 


3. Sleep

Sleepy girl in bed
Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash
Luckily we won’t be out of class for a month this time, so sleeping in every single day we are off won’t mess up your sleep schedule too much. Catch those Zs!


4. Go to your favorite restaurants that we don’t have in Wilmington

Woman Holds Sliced Pizza Seats By Table With Glass
bruce mars / Pexels
Take this opportunity to go to your favorite spot that you miss. Do you ever wonder why there’s no Goodberry’s in Wilmington? Tragic.


5. Read a book

Girl Reading A Book In Bed
Breanna Coon / Her Campus
I don’t mean a book that you HAVE to read but one that you WANT to read. Crazy right? I know there are people who do this often; I don’t know them but I admire them.


6. Binge watch a new show

A fuzzy screen in the back ground might say \"netflix\" but the image\'s selective focus is on a mug of some sort.
Are you at home doing absolutely nothing? Same. Start a new show! I recommend: Workin’ Moms


7. Make some money

Kellyn Simpkin-Girl Holding Money
Kellyn Simpkin / Her Campus
You may have a job that allows you to work at different locations but if you don’t, there are other ways! Sell clothes to Plato’s Closet, take surveys online for $, search your parents’ house for coins until you have enough to take to Coin Star, etc. 

Get creative. 


8. Create something

Brush Painting Color Paint
Daian Gan / Pexels
You don’t have to be an artist to reap the benefits of creativity. Creating something artistically can be extremely therapeutic. Paint or draw a picture, cook a new recipe, play an instrument, etc.


9. Learn how to properly hydrate

drinking from water bottle on beach
Photo by Dylan Alcock on Unsplash
Do you think I’m kidding? People are really out here drinking anything but water all day every day. Childish.


10. Try not to stress

Celina Timmerman-Girl On Playground
Celina Timmerman / Her Campus
This one is the most important. Although I make light of our “hurrication”, the reason to evacuate and damage from hurricanes can be incredibly serious. We must work to find a balance between staying informed about conditions in the area and trying not to stress ourselves and everyone else out. Other than finding ways to help clean up and donate, there is nothing you can directly do about a hurricane. Deep breaths, guys.

Julia is currently a Senior at UNCW studying Business, concentrating in Marketing and minoring in Spanish. She hopes to pursue a career in marketing for a company working towards environmental sustainability and stewardship. Her humorous and honest disposition shows through her writing here at Her Campus. Some of her favorite hobbies include painting, pottery, yoga, cooking and making people laugh.