What is #ActuallySheCan ?


“I can’t even!”


You may have said these words, your friends may have said these words, or you probably have heard these words in this modern age. But, what if instead of saying that you can’t, you said you can.

Well, there is a campaign centered on the idea that you can do it. The campaign is called: #ActuallySheCan. Actually She Can encourages female empowerment through inspiring young millennial women to achieve their professional, personal, health, wellness, and societal goals.

Actually She Can uses the drawing of a purple-haired young woman named Violet to showcase how she balances her social, work, and personal life. The campaign has also gotten young and professional women, such as actress Lea Michele, to support its platform of educating, celebrating, and motivating females to reach their dreams.

On September 23, 2015 a panel of Actually She Can supporters are coming to UNCW to talk about female empowerment, how to take their personal life from campus to career, and tips on how to reach one’s full potential. At the event, there will be opportunities to take photos, eat snacks, and ask questions on how to succeed professionally after college.

The event will be held in Burney Center - Ballroom A at University of North Carolina Wilmington from 5-8 p.m. It is open to not only UNCW students but also the general public. The panelist at the event will include: Annie Wang, Co-founder, Chief Product Officer, and Creative Director of Her Campus Media; Jennifer Walsh, Founder of Price & Glory; Kristin McGee, a celebrity yoga instructor; and Jo Piazza, an award-winning journalist, editor, and author. All these wonderful ladies will be able to give those that attend the event the ability to learn more about their careers and how to pursue your own career dreams.

Actually She Can is hosting a writing contest for anyone that wants to inspire change and motivate others. All that is required is a maximum 500-word essay that tells a story that inspired or empowered change for your life. Be sure to submit yours by October 15, 2015!


Photo credit to redcarpetrox and actuallyshecan.