Tori Decea and Dylan Seagraves, Campus Cutie Couple

Names: Tori Decea and Dylan Seagraves

Years: Tori is a sophomore; Dylan is a Senior

Majors: Tori is majoring in exercise science; Dylan is majoring in accounting

Tori and Dylan are, without a doubt one of the cutest couples at UNCW. Their combined spontaneity and enthusiasm ensure that there is never a dull moment with the two of them around. Read on to learn more about the things they enjoy doing together and how their modern day romance began!


HC: How exactly did you guys meet?

TD & DS: We noticed each other at a hockey game last semester but we were both too nervous to say anything. Luckily, at the end of the semester, we matched on Tinder and I guess you could say it was love at first swipe.


HC: What was your first date?

TD: Honestly, dates for us aren’t your traditional “dinner and movie” night. Our first date, he cooked me penne alfredo, and we played Mario Kart. It was absolutely perfect.


HC: What did y'all do for Valentine's Day?

TD: Well, with both our busy schedules he was in Atlanta for a leadership convention and I had a soccer game at Elon. We postponed Valentine’s Day to Monday. He cooked me dinner, and I baked dessert. Neither of us like cliché flowers and chocolate. We’re pretty simple.


HC: What's been your favorite date together?

TD & DS: Our favorite date has to be when we woke up at 6 a.m. and drove to Fort Fisher to watch the sunrise. We stopped to get breakfast on the way back and when we got back home we fell back asleep until 12 p.m.


HC: What do you think is the cutest weird thing that Tori does?

DS: The cutest weird thing that Tori does is rub my earlobes while she tries to go to sleep. It’s really strange, but it makes me fall asleep, too.


HC: What do you think is the cutest weird thing that Dylan does?

TD: The cutest weird thing Dylan does is argue with me saying he’s doing his homework but he’s really nerding out playing online videogames.



HC: Do y'all have any cute nicknames for each other?

TD: I call him muffin and he calls me kitty. No idea why. But my best friend calls him Dillypop.


HC: What's been your most awkward moment as a couple?

TD & SD: We’re both just so awkward and our relationship is one big awkward moment so nothing is really awkward between us, if that makes sense.


HC: If your relationship was an 80s rock band, what would it be called?

TD: This is difficult considering neither of us are creative, hmm… probably Mud N’ You Guys, because he’s a traditional southern boy and I’m a northerner who refuses to say y’all.


HC: Celebrity Crush?

TD & DS: Our celebrity crush is Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. They’re just perfect.


Photos courtesy of Tori & Dylan.