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Things to Do During a Study Break

With finals week breathing down our necks, studying is about to become a big part of our daily routines. 

My major now requires more writing and editing than studying. When I was taking my general ed classes, I’d always feel weird and unproductive if I was taking a break from studying for those classes and not really doing anything… so here are a couple things you can do on a study break to keep yourself feeling productive.

1. Clean off your desk  

Even if you’re going to sit right back down at your desk and keep working, it’s still nice to come back to a fresh space. Take everything off, wipe down the surface with your favorite cleaner, and then rearrange your study materials in a new way when you put them back on the desk. 

2. Do a quick manicure

I can’t focus on what I’m supposed to be doing if I look down at my hands and my nails don’t look nice. Take off your chipped polish, trim your nails, file them, and then put on a nice hand cream. Not only will you feel better after, but putting lotion on is a good excuse to give yourself a hand massage—an especially nice treat if you’ve been writing or typing for a long time. 

3. Make a new playlist

I always listen to Spotify’s “Jazz Vibes” or “Lush Vibes” while I study, but I’ve created a few playlists that combine my favorite beats from the two. Whether you’re in the mood for Adele or 21 Savage, make a new playlist. When you’re done with your break, you have fresh sounds to accompany you into your study journey. 

4. Refill your drink and make a snack

I’m a writer. Sometimes I need coffee, and sometimes I need a little bit of Bailey’s mixed into a cup of hot chocolate. It’s all relative. No matter your drink of choice, freshen it up, and make a little snack while you’re in the kitchen. 

5. Lay on the floor

This doesn’t sound productive, but it totally is— laying on your back on a firm surface can help alleviate spinal and shoulder tension caused by sitting at a desk. Set an alarm (just in case), lay down, and take some deep breaths. I usually get a really nice release in my lower back when I do this, especially if I’ve been hunched over at my laptop all day. Getting rid of your tight shoulders is productive, right?  I know this girl is laying on a couch or something. Surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of stock photos of people just casually laying on the floor–they’re all doing something weird. So this is what we’ve got.

6. Do a chore

I used to get so desperate to stop studying that I’d literally do anything to take a break:

“I can’t study cultural anthropology when the dishwasher needs to be unloaded!”

“How am I supposed to focus on Intro to Logic when the trash is overflowing?” 

“I know I need to write a paper..but the floor is dirty.” 

Whatever the chore is, do it on a study break. You’ll be getting a little bit of housework done and taking your mind off your school work for a few minutes. Do you have a favorite way to take a study break? Let us know on Twitter!

[All photos courtesy of Pexels.com]

Olivia is a senior at UNCW, majoring in Creative Writing. She enjoys color coding all things possible and hanging string lights year-round.
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