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Support Our State: Hurricane Matthew Food Drive

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNCW chapter.

It’s been a few weeks since Hurricane Matthew swept through the east coast and damaged our state. Some areas in North Carolina are still flooded, leaving people homeless and hoping the water will clear so they can finally go back home. This hurricane has affected everyone here at UNCW in some way, so Her Campus and the Residence Hall Association have decided to take action.

Posted on NC Coastal Fed Twitter page on October 13. Northeastern NC still has major flooding. 


To help our state, we are running a food drive from October 28 through November 11. If you live on campus, there will be boxes at the front desk of your resident area to donate food, even school supplies and toiletries, whatever you can offer! We know all about the broke lifestyle, but even if you give a can of soup, you just gave someone a meal. If you do not live on campus you can still donate! Her Campus will gladly take donations, just contact us at uncw@hercampus.com.

These donations would support surrounding counties who are still suffering, even UNCW students who can’t go back home because of the water damage.

The hurricane may be over, but the damage is still here. This is our state and our neighbors need help, so let’s unite UNCW and help them during such a difficult time. 


Cover photo taken by Chuck Burton in Lumberton, NC on October 12, via weather.com.

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