Stop Missing out on Schitt’s Creek

If you haven’t heard about the Emmy nominated show Schitt’s Creek you are totally missing out and have not experienced true comedy. So let me catch you up! 

The Canadian sitcom follows the luxurious Rose family right after they lose all of their money and have to move to the only asset left which is this small town called Schitt’s Creek. Johnny, Moira, David and Alexis are forced to leave their mansion and live in a motel in the town. 

Johnny Rose is the father and the CEO of Rose Videos which led to him losing all of his money when the company went under. So he spends most of the first couple season looking for ways to be able to leave Schitts Creek and make money to support the rest of the family. Johnny’s journey from being an absent, workaholic to a caring father is a bumpy one but overall heartwarming. Johnny is played by Eugene Levy and is known for his role in the American Pie movies. Along with starring in the show, Levy and his son, Daniel Levy, co-created the show. 

Moria Rose is the expressive matriarch of the family and an ex-soap opera star who is perfectly dramatic in every way possible. She talks in this indistinguishable accent and has many outfits that are not appropriate for any event in this town. Moira is played by Catherine O’Hara who has also starred as the mom in Home Alone movies. O’Hara’s performance as Moira is hilarious and she deserves to win the Emmy for Best Performance by an Actress in a Comedy Series this year. 

Even though all the characters are great, I am bias to say the David Rose is one of my inspirations and he deserves the world. He is dramatic, a little self-centered and keeps things absolutely real. Even just watching him react in the background of scenes is so entertaining. I honestly cannot put into words how much I adore him. David is played by Daniel Levy and has amazing eyebrows just like his dad. 

Lastly, Alexis Rose is the beautiful, confident and a bit airheaded daughter who learns empathy along the way. Her outfits are amazing and she shows that it is possible to wear heels for any and all situations. Alexis is played by Annie Murphy and paves her own way throughout the show while making grand expressions. 

The town of Schitt’s Creek has many unique and interesting characters that live there that help them adjust to their new living situation such as Stevie, Roland, Twyla and Jocelyn. 

Without going into too much detail; the character arcs throughout the show are refreshing and weird ways relatable since I have never experienced the lifestyle they used to live, let alone losing it all. 

Schitt’s Creek is a funny and easygoing show that will make any day better so grab a glass of wine and enjoy a much-needed Netflix binge session!

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