Save "One Day at a Time"

The Netflix original One Day at a Time was officially canceled by Netflix on March 14 and like the rest of the Twitter world, I was heartbroken. To be a little more dramatic, I can say that I was devastated and had tears in my eyes.

For those who don’t know the sitcom, it follows a Cuban family in the United States while they tackle topics such as immigrants, veterans’ rights, sexuality, mental health and many more topics. It has the right touch of comedy and trying to explain different difficult situations.

For me and many other Latinx, this show was one of the first times we saw ourselves and our families on TV. This representation made me feel like home and whenever I was missing my family or having a bad day, I would go home and watch this show.

One Day at a Time covers topics that are hard but necessary for our community and the world needs to here. For example, Penelope, a veteran and single mother, deals with depression and anxiety, so throughout season 1 and 2 it shows her process of getting medication and finding the right support group. One episode even shows what happened when she got off her medication for her depression and how her whole state of mind changed. This was of covering mental health was refreshing and real. Also, even with explaining how Latinx families deal with it in a way of keeping it a secret. It’s a reality for many Latinx as they try to navigate their mental health needs.

Through the laughs and serious moments, the most I love about One Day at a Time was my ability to share it with my friends and roommates. It’s another way I can share my culture and see it from another perspective. My abuelos, my parents and my sisters watch it which sparks conversations about those topics. This show has had a big impact on my life.

So to that, I ask you to please take a chance and watch One Day at a Time on Netflix. Also, tweet #SaveODAAT and follow the writers’ journey to find a network to pick up the show.


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