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Romantic Movies to Watch this Winter Break

If you're anything like me, even though you might not want to admit it, you love a good 'ole romantic movie. Here are some suggestions to watch this winter break...c'mon it's not like you have anything else to do! 

1. P.S. I Love You

Watch on: Netflix

This is #1 because it’s my favorite romance movie of all time. Cuddle up and make sure to have your tissues nearby because you will cry. Where is my Irish lover?

2. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days?

Watch on: Netflix

Another favorite, it’s funny but also gets the feelings going. Also stars Matthew McConaughey… need I say more?

3. Because I Said So

Watch on: Amazon Prime

This one is a mixture of romance and funny family drama. Follows the lives of three sisters and their overly-involved mom, played by Diane Keaton, who secretly makes a dating profile for her youngest daughter… better watch to find out what happens!

4. Sabrina

Watch on: Amazon Prime

Is it a rainy Sunday? Are you lying in bed even though its mid-afternoon? Sounds like a perfect opportunity to watch this romantic classic made in 1995 and stars Julia Ormond, playing the daughter of the chauffeur for a wealthy family, who falls in love the son of the family her father works for.

5. Her

Watch on: Netflix

Although this is a non-traditional love story compared to the others, it is worth the watch!

6. Spectacular Now

Watch on: Netflix

A romantic drama about young love between two unlikely friends. Guess you have to watch to find out more...

7. Every Twilight Movie

Watch on: Amazon Prime

There is no better time to re-watch all of the Twilight movies than over winter break when you have literally nothing better to do! (All of them are included with Amazon Prime)

8. Love Actually

Watch on: Netflix 

If you haven’t heard of this movie, then this article probably isn’t for you. Holiday romance classic!

9. The Princess Switch

Watch on: Netflix 

Okay, Vanessa Hudgens stars in one of the cheesiest holiday Netflix originals but low key (low key), I watched the whole thing. You might even have fun making fun of it!

10. It’s a Wonderful Life

Watch on: Amazon Prime

Truly an ageless classic, I recommend this movie to watch every holiday season. 

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Julia is currently a Senior at UNCW studying Business, concentrating in Marketing and minoring in Spanish. She hopes to pursue a career in marketing for a company working towards environmental sustainability and stewardship. Her humorous and honest disposition shows through her writing here at Her Campus. Some of her favorite hobbies include painting, pottery, yoga, cooking and making people laugh. 
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