Review: Alba Botanica - Fast Fix for Puffy Eyes

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Our Spring semester goodie box from corporate was filled with so many great products! From face masks to Krazy Glue we got a wide range of great products. One of the products I decided to try was something I hadn’t heard of before; Alba Botanica’s Fast Fix for Puffy Eyes. The product claims to get rid of puffy and tired eyes while giving a refreshing hint of caffeine and cucumber. Who knew an eye cream could have caffeine in it?

I normally don’t have super puffy eyes but I will admit after late nights of studying and being swamped with homework they do show up from time to time. College struggles, am I right? So, trying a product that could get rid of the problem instead of just covering it up was nice to see.

The directions on the box say to put the tube into the refrigerator before use to see the best results. To be honest, I was a little confused as to why I needed to put this in the fridge, but I didn’t want to take any chances in giving a faulty review. After letting it sit in the fridge I decided to try it before bed. I will admit it was different than I expected. The gel was extremely watery and I didn’t feel the refreshing burst of caffeine or cucumber that the package said I would. I used the product both in the morning and at night hoping to wake up with eyes that looked less tired than I actually was.

VERDICT: After a few days of using Alba Botanica – Fast Fix for Puffy Eyes I can say that I am impressed with the change I saw considering I didn’t have an overwhelming amount of puffiness to start with. I saw the most difference with the puffiness underneath my left eye. I think this product would have the most dramatic results after a super late night of studying or after crying. If you are someone who has puffy eyes regularly this could be the product for you. I did see results from the Fast Fix for Puffy Eyes and would be interested to see how their other products compared to this one!


Hope this helps!  -xx


[Photos courtesy of Alicia Cox]