Revamp Your Short Hairdo

It can be hard to be happy while wearing the same old hairstyle every day, but how are you to switch things up if you have short hair? The answer: use makeup, accessories and your inner beauty to your full advantage!

1. Makeup can make a difference

Short hair draws more attention to your face, so accenting your facial features with a bit of makeup can make a difference. The key is to pick a feature you want to emphasize so you don’t get bored with your look. For example, one day use very little eye makeup, and a bold lipstick that make your lips *pop*. Or, try a nude/no lipstick and fierce eye makeup combo that make people feel as though you could stare right through them!

2. Headbands

Headbands are a great way to change up your look because there are an infinite number of styles. You can leave some hair out in the front for makeshift bangs or push all of your hair back instead. If you are more into a bohemian look, try having it going across your forehead.

3. Hats, beanies, scarves and turbans

All four of these accessories have similar benefits as a headband because there are a variety of types and patterns to pick from. Turbans and scarves are also growing in popularity, making it a great idea for those willing to experiment with the fashion of different cultures.

4. Jewelry

Jewelry can be even more noticeable on people with short hair and big, eccentric jewelry may turn some heads. If you decide to wear big earrings, maybe opt out of wearing a big necklace, or vice versa. Too much jewelry can overshadow your face, so just make sure it's balanced.

5. Hair Dye

If you are completely bored with your hair, change its color. Plus, short hair means only one box of dye—who doesn't love saving money? And, if you are concerned with the damage dye may do to your hair, henna hair dye is a great alternative. It’s made of all natural materials and many people have said they noticed their hair was stronger afterwards since henna is similar to a protein treatment for your hair.

6. Confidence!

You’re most likely the only person who is bored with your own hair. Having short hair can give you a more modelesque look and often sets you apart from many other females, so wear it with confidence!