Product Review: Micellar Cleansing Water by Garnier

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With sensitive skin like mine, it can be hard to find a good facial cleanser/make up remover that doesn't damage my skin! Garnier's Micellar Water was wonderful on many different fronts which can definitely be ranked. I used this cleanser for 5 days straight and it's definitely a top competitor for best all around product. Let's get started! 


Skin Sensitivity: 9  After the first day of using this product, my skin seemed a little irritated by the water but I chalked it up as the fact that my face was getting used to this new product and I was correct. The following days after my skin had become used to the product, it gave a nice soft feel afterward which I was very fond of! If you are having trouble finding a cleanser that isn't negatively impacting your skin, this is the one for you. 

Cleansing: 10 Sometimes I have a hard time getting off all of my eye makeup with a few swipes of a makeup remover but the micellar water did the trick without any harsh or constant scrubbing. When used it on my face the third day (I didn't have on any makeup), I saw that it had removed the oil and such from my face without leaving my face feeling too dry. If you're like me and sometimes feel like your cleanser leaves your face feeling dry or not nourished enough then the micellar water will do wonders for you! I was super surprised to find that it left my face as hydrated as it did (since it is a makeup remover). 


Glow: 6 The micellar water didn't exactly give me a certain "glow", but it did leave my face less oily than usual which I greatly appreciate in a cleanser. If your skin is on the dryer side and you are looking for light hydration, then I would definitely give this a try. 

Strength: 8 The micellar water (for me) is definitely a product I can use everyday without it taking drastic measures on my skin. However, it can be a little strong if used more than once a day so I stuck to only using it at night before I went to bed. If you wash your face many times throughout the day, this might not be the product to use every single time simply because using it in such high measure may dry your skin if you are already prone to dry skin! 

Ingredients: 4 If you love to go a "greener" route with your cleansers, this may be one of the better options for you because it doesn't contain nearly as many chemicals/ingredients as most other popular products. They're also fragrance-free so that's always a plus for combination or oily skin that doesn't fare well with fragrant products. 

Final Thoughts: I 100% would recommend this product to anyone who has trouble finding the right cleanser that doesn't damage their skin and works well with plenty of benefits! Not to mention, its a fairly inexpensive buy! All in all, it is definitely a product to at least try! 

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