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Product Review: Bed Head by TIGI Dry Shampoo

I had never really used dry shampoo before, because naturally I have to wash my hair everyday since it becomes so oily so quickly. However, when receiving this product I was super excited to use it! Most people I know use dry shampoo frequently so I was familiar with the idea that when applied it would sometimes weigh down your hair or it would be kind of a weird scent. However, this product was such a surprise! Bed Head products are typically very reliable and have great quality so I wasn’t too worried. 

The specific one that I tried was called “Oh Bee Hive” which is a honey scent and it smells so amazing. I was super excited to try this product after I did a little review-searching of it and found out that the vast majority of people absolutely loved it. 

Using the product was super simple and quick! I started with a small amount of spray, then shook it in my hair until I could feel that it was dry. I did that a second time just to be sure but with a little less spray and that was it! After almost 6 hours later, my hair still looked great and didn’t feel weighed down at all which was my biggest fear about the product. It stiffened just a touch but not enough to be super bothered about. Also the smell stayed in my hair all the way until that night which I greatly appreciated! 

This product is a little on the expensive side ($20 at Ulta Beauty) but is beyond worth it! I will definitely be using this product in the future again and again! 


[Photos courtesy of indulgenewbury.com]

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