The Perfect Summer Wedge

Wedges are the perfect way to spice up any summer outfit. Some people find it intimidating to wear wedges, but the problem isn't the shoe, it's finding the right pair. Wedges go with a simple pair of shorts or a cute summer dress. However, the perfect summer wedge can be hard to find. You never want to go too tall to where you can’t walk but you also want them just tall enough to make your legs look like a super model. Trust me, I know the struggle. Online shopping can be a great place to look or getting ideas of what you like from Pinterest!

Now when picking the perfect summer wedge you can be adventurous by sporting a spunky, fun, colorful wedge (pictured below) or stick to the basic yet classic chunky, brown/black wedge that goes with everything. There is an art to finding the perfect shoes, and wedges are no different. So when you find the perfect one, grab it and show off those beautiful, tan legs for the summer!

Pictures provided from Pinterest