The New Barbie: Average is the new black



 Growing up, I played with Barbies and different dolls that resembled perfection. I remember thinking to myself as a child that I could not wait to grow up and look just like my Barbie. As I got older, ads all around me all represented the same thing: skinny, glowing, tall models. Perfection was the common goal but somewhere along the lines I started realizing perfection was close to impossible.

I started realizing I was not going to be the tall and skinny girl I had been my entire life and that out of nowhere I actually was starting to have curves and little imperfections that society would teach me to hate. The target is to be the perfect little Barbie I grew up loving and envying in her perfect Malibu Beach House. Girls at a younger age are starting to want to be skinny, something that a lot of them already are.

Nowadays, Photoshop is used in nearly every single photo and technology just keeps getting better and better.  Thankfully, people are seeing the imperfections that we are faced with throughout our lives are truly beautiful. This is why designer Nikolay Lamm has created a “normal” Barbie. He wants young girls to understand that they are beautiful in their “normal” way. This Barbie has the body type of an average nineteen-year-old girl. Lamm has also created stickers that really depict what it is like to be a woman. The Barbie comes with add-on tattoos, cellulite, freckles, moles, and bruises. Lamm had the idea of stickers to make each Barbie personal and customizable based on the person playing with it. Each “normal” Barbie is different and beautiful in their own way and that is what Lamm hopes to get across through his new creation.