NC State Fair In Four Minutes Or Less

If you skipped the NC State Fair this year or couldn't make it, here's a quick recap in four minutes or less.



This year those attending the State Fair had 96 rides to choose from. The brave souls who love thrilling rides could enjoy the Avengers, the Drop Zone, and the Enterprise. Classics--like the swings, the ferris wheel, and roller coasters--were also in attendance.

Photo courtesy of Jordan Johnson.


It’s not the State Fair if deep fried food isn’t involved. New deep fried food this year included bacon wrapped Tootsie Rolls, s’mores, Pop-Tarts, and Klondike Bars. Other crazy concoctions included PB&J chicken wings and chocolate bacon on a stick.  


In The News

With so many people attending the fair every day, something wrong is bound to happen that spark headlines. This year, a registered sex offender was arrested in the kiddie land section of the fairgrounds. The 64-year-old man was pretending to be a ride inspector. He was arrested and taken off the fairgrounds immediately.   


Balloon Display

Artist Poppin’ Penelope filled a building lobby with an underwater scene made completely out of balloons. Penelope started making the bubbly display on the first day of the fair; viewers admired her work from start to finish. 


Chickens Absent This Year

If you were totally bummed about missing the fair because you wanted to visit the baby chicks: Don’t worry--they weren’t there either. With the bird flu going around, the chickens skipped the fair this year to prevent diseases from spreading. 


We Have A Winner!

The blue ribbon was awarded to these 2015 Crop Weigh Off Winners:

Biggest Pumpkin: 948 pounds

Biggest Watermelon: 302 pounds


Catch the next North Carolina State Fair in October 2016!