My Week of No Social Media

There was just a new iPhone update and one of the new features is that it keep track of your screen times and gives you updates every week. Well during this #hurrication, I noticed that I was spending 8-12 hours on my phone daily! Granted, I was at home and watching a lot of Youtube videos and Netflix but still, that is a crazy amount.


So when classes started back up I knew I needed to focus and get a lot of work done so I decided to delete all social media apps for the week. It included anything I can scroll on and waste time like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube. I started on Sunday because I had a lot of reading to do before classes even began.

Sunday (10/7): Noticed right when I work up I picked up my phone to start scrolling but there was literally nothing there. Worked 4 hours in the morning and every time I went to pick up my phone I went straight to the folder open up Instagram but there was nothing. Kind of bored and feel like I am missing out of something.


Monday (10/8): During work is the hardest time for me because I am a desk receptionist so there are times where I just sit until someone needs help. However, it is forcing me to be more focused on my homework and more present when I am with people.


Tuesday (10/9): I am starting to have FOMO over missing things on social media. Taylor Swift posted about politics and Ed Sheeran sang to Bruno Mars. Yet, it is also interesting noticing how much I actually care about stuff like that. I am starting to read the news more so I don’t feel too out of the loop.

Wednesday (10/10): I am going to be honest, I have thought about re-downloading Instagram because I just want to see what is going on. I have been on Facebook because that is where I get information about clubs I am a part of so I feel a little bad about still being on that. It is becoming easier and nice to just live in the moment not focused on what is going on on my phone. Also, I notice that social media is the only way I keep up with people that I don’t see every day so now I feel like I have to text them to hang out and catch up.  

Thursday (10/11): I have gotten so much homework done in the mornings now. I have kind of cheated even more with scrolling of Facebook but it significantly less than normal. Also, I miss snapchatting my friend about the funny stuff that is happening to me so I have an urge to take a picture and send it to her but I am not mentally there yet.

Friday (10/12): I re-downloaded all my apps today because I finished all of my homework for the week so this was a treat. To keep me in check, I decided to turn off notifications for all my social media apps.

Overall, this was a nice because I felt like I broke a habit a bit and was able to focus on getting stuff done for once without my phone distracting me. Also, my phone said that I spent 45% less time on my phone than I did last week. I am honestly thinking about doing this once a month to kind of refresh and definitely during exam week!

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