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My Review of Extra Refreshers Gum

I recently tried Extra (Long Lasting Flavor) Refreshers, a Wrigley’s gum!

At first glance, the packaging of the Refreshers makes the consumer think about ice. The box the refreshers come in also resembles a cute little glass of water! Inside the cute turquoise box are these frosted Tiffany blue cubes. You receive about 40 cubes per box and there are only five calories in each piece.

The texture of the gum is quite soft; it is not as firm as the extra gum pieces that came before it. Many average sticks of gum often have stiff taffy-like structure by the end of its short lived journey in your mouth. Not this gum! If you prefer a softer build of gum then look no further!

Additionally, the box is easy to open. I would even argue that the box would be user friendly for people who have arthritis. The box is also convenient for those of us who don’t mind sharing and for those of us who don’t. Allow me to explain: the box opens wide enough to fit your thumb and index finger to grab a cube which is nice while you’re passing around the box to share with your plethora of needy friends. Or maybe you’re over people asking for your precious gum. Once you try one of these refreshing cubes, you may not want to share them anyway! 

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Hannah Rzepka is a senior at UNCW studying communication studies with a concentration in marketing. She enjoys creative writing alongside her studies and aspires to be a published author in the near future. Hannah has been writing for HerCampus UNCW for almost four years and has cherished every second of it!! 
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