A Look into Pet Adoption

Pet adoption is crucially important, specifically for cats and kittens who are roughly 22% more likely to become strays than dogs according to the ASPCA.

While adopting a pet is a very big deal pets can be some of the biggest sources of fulfillment in a person's life no matter their age or status. A bond made with a pet, regardless of breed, is something that sticks with a person forever.

I personally had the chance to meet some of the kittens that are currently up for adoption in the Wilmington area and get a little bit of understanding of what goes into sheltering them, and the compassion of the people who are trying to place these animals is astounding. One of women that I met with described the dozens of animals she gets within a month from those that were surrendered by individuals or those that were rescued from kill shelters and how poorly these animals are doing before they are moved into the care of people dedicated to them.

The kittens that I got to meet are currently on their way to adoption through the PetSmart run adoption events after a few weeks of temporary housing with a volunteer host.

Photo Courtesy to Sarah Sticklin 

No matter what city you live in there is a very large chance that your local shelter is experiencing overcrowding due to the millions of homeless pets in the United States.   

PetSmart is having its National Adoption Weekend from September 15th through the 17th, and if you or anyone you know is looking to get involved or to find a new best friend I suggest that you check it out.