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Introducing UNCW’s New Campus Correspondent, Miya Campbell.

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNCW chapter.

Miya Campbell is from Winston Salem, North Carolina. She is a sophomore at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, majoring in Creative Writing & Journalism.


  1. HC: How did you discover HerCampus? And what made you want to join?

Miya:  I discovered Her Campus back in High School when I joined the High School Ambassador Program. From there it was always my goal to become a CC at some point. The idea of Her Campus which essentially is young women gathering to share their talents and network with one another is important to me. It’s something I would like to build on as an individual when I think about making a company or entering into the industry myself. 

  1. HC: What made you choose UNC Wilmington?

Miya: So I am a transfer,  I originally went to a private university that was so small and in the middle of nowhere. Just trying to rush out of my hometown and I ended up being unhappy there. After reevaluating my life goals and work I decided to switch my major and school. So the more relaxed vibe and public university intrigued me to apply here. When I got in I was like ok let’s back my bags, I mean who doesn’t want to live by the beach anyways. 

  1. HC: What are your hobbies and interests?

Miya: I pick up a lot of hobbies. I just like to try things out. Over the summer I picked up cooking and baking and I learned how to make fresh pasta and homemade breads and all sorts of goodies. But my main hobbies include writing, gardening, and I love listening to Podcasts. Recently over the past year, I’ve also picked up longboarding. In the future, I hope to pick up hobbies like thru-hiking and backpacking. 

  1. HC: Favorite places to visit or shop at in Wilmington, NC?

Miya: Mayfaire! They have lots of cool shops and recently I and a small group of friends found this coffee shop called DRIFT Coffee and Kitchen. I love going to cafes. The beach is also always fun especially when you find your favorite access point. 

  1. HC: What is your favorite literary piece?

Miya:  I love autobiographies and poetry books. My favorite reads recently are Black girl Call Home and All the Rage. 

  1. HC: If we went through your playlists, what artist and genre would we see played most frequently?

Miya: Rap, and R&B. I think there needs to be more emphasis on black creators and honestly, I love seeing the way rap has evolved over the years. My favorite artists right now are Polo G, D Smoke, Remble, and EarthGang. I also love Willow Smith and Kamuu who are vastly different from my initial taste but black artists that are very talented and definitely need their check run to them. 

  1. HC: What are your favorite shows to watch/binge?

Miya:  Money Heist and Sailor Moon

  1. HC: Who do you look up to?

Miya:  My sisters. I come from a tight-knit family, my siblings and I have developed a close-knit relationship and they are very powerful women who have worked immensely hard to be where they are at. My oldest sister has 3 degrees with higher education already and is still very young while my other sister just graduated undergrad and is very passionate about her music. They are very creative and hard working. They were also the people that encouraged me to go after my dreams. Struggling with a not-so-traditional career path and finding my place in life they basically guided me through it. 

  1. HC:What is your dream career?

Miya: I would like to self-publish my own books and write professionally for a company like Teen Vogue or Cosmopolitan. So basically lifestyle and beauty writing, blogging and influencing. 

  1. HC: What is one thing that you would tell your past self?

Miya:  Go for it. I think a lot of people, especially at young ages, doubt themselves and their talents and underestimate their worth. So once I put myself out there I started getting opportunities and I wished I would’ve just went for it earlier. But I also think of a reminder to rest and reset. Sometimes we are focusing and grinding so hard we forget to allow ourselves to rest or be college students and have fun because we’re so focused on the next steps, or grades and everything else.

Alecia is a UNC Wilmington student majoring in Digital Arts with a concentration in Web Development. Her goal is to pursue a career in User Interface design, and her interests include art, make-up and beauty, alternative fashion, and acting.