How I Deal With My Best Friend Being 111 Miles Away From Me

I met my best friend Morgan in 8th grade. She actually thought I was super annoying back then, but I grew on her. Over the years we have been through a lot, but we have never been too far away from each other for a long period of time.

Morgan is the gorgeous babe in the green flannel                                                              

Then we went to college.

She goes to ECU, while I go to UNCW. The distance is 111 miles, a two hour and two-minute drive unless Morgan is driving. Then it’s roughly an hour and a half.

Even though we would not be THAT far away from each other, we still knew it would be hard. But we were not going to let the distance affect our relationship when we started college.

Here is how we have been able to deal with our best friend being miles and miles away from each other since college has started:

1. Text/Social Media

Morgan and I text and Snapchat each other in between classes and extracurricular activities, and sometimes we even send funny pictures on Instagram. We understand that the other person may not be able to answer right away, but we do our best to reply as soon as we can.

2. Facetime/Call

Even though our schedules are vastly different, we try to find some time during the week to Facetime or call each other. I have found that this is something that has been super crucial to our friendship because I get to hear Morgan’s voice and if we are Facetiming I also get to see her. And if one of us is having a rough time and really needs someone to be there for them, the other person drops everything they are doing and calls. It makes me feel like Morgan is there with me, even if she is not there physically.

3. Visit

Whenever we have a free weekend, Morgan comes back to the Wilmington area to visit. One of the bigger challenges with Morgan being so far away though is that while she can drive I can’t. So while she can drive to see me, I have a more difficult time traveling up to Greenville. But I still try and make arrangements where I can make it to ECU to visit Morgan, like asking friends if they are going up there and if I can carpool with them.

The main thing that Morgan and I do is compromise. We make time for each other and are always there for the other person, whether we are miles away or we are close by. The thing about containing a friendship is that as long as you still work for it and connect with them it will be as strong as ever. Morgan is my rock and I am hers, and it will be like that for years to come. No matter how far away she is from me.

[Photos courtesy of Emma]