How to Find New Music

We all experience the feeling of boredom with our music selection at some point. We repeat the same playlist over and over, skipping almost every song to get to our favorites. Sometimes you just need clean up your playlists and refresh your music options!

Here are some ways to find new music and actually listen to it:


1. Make playlists that are organized by similar genre, sound or overall vibe.

This sounds simple but is honestly hard to maintain over time. Personally, I have a ton of random playlists but I keep six core playlists that hold different types of music that go together. This step will help you in the long run, trust me.

2. Discover new music through your streaming app of choice

I am constantly looking through the “Browse” section that Spotify offers. There are categories for different genres and moods as well as a whole section of newly released music. They also make weekly discovery playlists tailored to your own personal taste in music (*cough* Spotify is the best *cough*).

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3. Dive deeper into artists that you find through your browsing

If you find some songs you like throughout your search, click on the artist and listen to some random songs from their albums, old and new (don’t be afraid to look at music from several years ago, it can still bop just the same!)

4. YouTube is your friend

YouTube can help you find new music very easily but it also has another important role. Sometimes I don’t like the way a song sounds UNTIL I see the music video or have that visual aid to help me understand it better. To some, that may seem silly but a lot of people have told me they experience the same thing!

Image result for thank you next on youtube

5. Stop playing the same 20 songs

There is so much music out there, a lot that you would like probably, to be listened to. You are not restricted to your own playlist with the same 20 songs that are played on the radio and by your friends too probably…

Note: Searching for new music and artists takes time and energy to look and actually LISTEN to some music you have never heard before. If you don’t listen to it enough and expose yourself to the sound, it will probably just collect dust in your musical library.


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