How to Enjoy Spring Break, As Told by The Kardashians

Here are five ways to make the most of spring break this year, with a little help from the Kardashian family.

1: Let go of whatever might be troubling you, be it school, work, friend drama, etc.

Inhale. Exhale. Letting go of the fear and stress related to grades/schools is essential, especially if you want to dive into spring break with an open heart and open mind. Don't let negative vibes ruin your time off.


2: Make a plan!

Make a mental list of what you’d like to do and/or accomplish over break. Perhaps a trip to the beach is in order, or maybe it's just time to get your nails done! This is your time to do the things you say you're too busy to do when school is in session. 

3: Accept that you might spend more money than anticipated...and it's perfectly okay.

Going out to eat, going shopping and taking day trips. Spending a lot of money over spring break just kind of happens. Try to be prepared for it, I guess? 

Step 4: Sleep in. 

Unless sleeping in is just not your thing (which is hard to imagine, especially if you're in college), make lazy mornings part of your spring break routine. You have plenty of time for fun later!

Step 5: Try not to let the thought of starting school again next week get you down.

Yes, you have to go back, but not before having an absolute blast over spring break. Live in the moment and don't think about getting back to grind if you don't have to.

Happy spring break, everyone! 

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