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Hawk it Out: Season 7 Recap


Season seven of UNCW’s annual “Hawk it Out” proved to be better than ever. In total, there were 13 very talented contestants. While a majority of them chose to perform solos, four pairs of dancers decided to perform duets. The competition was fierce, but the sense of community and friendship among the contestants was what really made “Hawk it Out” an exceptional show. The opening performance was an amazing 13-contestant-dance. It was neat to see UNCW students united, even when the stakes were high. This year, “Hawk it Out” also featured performances from the “Dance Company,” “Physical Graffeeti,” “Slainte, Ritmo” and the season six winners. As a whole, the show was entertaining, exciting, and honestly, no one wanted it to end.

A dance concert is always fun to watch, but a little competition with cash prizes makes it that much more intense. The third place winners, Chris Nelson and La-Rel Easter walked away with $100. Second place went to Vanisha Maisuria and Rika Bhakta, with a prize of $150. Finally, the whopping $300  first place award went to Emily Martin. She strutted her stuff onto the stage with an immense sense of passion and sass. Emily captivated the audience with her upbeat hip-hop skills and unique choreography. Her personality poured off of the stage, and it was obvious that Emily was there because she truly loves to dance.

Each year prizes improve and competition intensifies. “Hawk it Out” gives UNCW students the chance to support their peers and have a great time. This competition is an event that dancers and non-dancers alike look forward to every spring semester. So next year, whether you want to partake in the dancing action, or you just want to watch, “Hawk it Out” is a UNCW tradition that no Seahawk should miss out on.

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