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Five (Good) Reasons to Stop Complaining

Everybody knows that complaining feels good every now and then. Especially as college students with homework, papers, exams, interviews, meetings, etc., there are so many opportunities to gripe about the things we have to do. However, I am here to tell you that there is another way and you might even be happier because of it.

1. Everyone has something they could be complaining about

Literally, everyone under the sun has something going on they could probably be complaining about. Everyone has obstacles and hard work they have to do. Not saying that your work isn’t, it’s just that many others are doing it successfully and so will you. It’s also really important to remember:

Just because someone isn’t voicing their stress and complaining, doesn’t mean that they aren’t dealing with it.


2. It spreads negativity

It’s true that misery loves company, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The more you speak negatively about things in your life, the more it spreads to other aspects of your life and also to those around you. No one means to negatively impact their friends when they’re simply venting their complaints for the day, but when it becomes a constant form of conversation, it could be affecting the thoughts of the people around you.


3. Not everything is as bad as it seems

I know it seems like things never work out or life is sh****** on you all the time but I promise that life goes on, and even more so, your outlook on life makes all the difference. It can help to look at things from another perspective before deciding that the situation is “the worst”.


4. Life is better when you focus on the positives

Just as speaking negatively can extend those vibes to other parts of your life and people you talk to, the same is true for positivity. It’s really easy to find the things to complain about but it’s much more powerful to find the things to be grateful for. Focusing on the positive side of situations that make you feel fussy help you to become overall happier and can inspire people around you to think the same way.

5. We need the positive vibes more than ever

Positivity is something that is depleting fast in our society today with all of the negative factors and influences that bring us down. I hope you understand that there are plenty of situations and circumstances that make you exempt from being positive all the time. However, this is about complaining and griping that serves no other purpose than making yourself and others feel bad. Let’s make ourselves and each other feel good!



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Julia is currently a Senior at UNCW studying Business, concentrating in Marketing and minoring in Spanish. She hopes to pursue a career in marketing for a company working towards environmental sustainability and stewardship. Her humorous and honest disposition shows through her writing here at Her Campus. Some of her favorite hobbies include painting, pottery, yoga, cooking and making people laugh. 
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